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Special Care


Kleenex Wellbeing

Care for your sniffles and sneezes year round with Kleenex® Wellbeing or Allergy Comfort tissues. Choose from natural aloe vera and soothing vitamin E, Eucalyptus, or dermatologically tested Allergy Comfort to provide a soothing touch for sore noses.

Kleenex Everyday

Our Everyday collection is perfect to soften any occasion. Available in a wide range of sizes, colours and designs.

Kleenex To Go

To Go packs are the perfect size for when you’re out and about. Slip them in your pocket, car or bag and take your favourite tissues anywhere.

Kleenex Hand And Face Wipes

Hand and Face Wipes clean messes when you’re out and about. Great for sticky hands, they come in a resealable pack to lock in moisture.

For all of life’s laughter, tears, sneezes and spills, the KLEENEX® On The Go range is the perfect solution for everyday moments when you’re out and about.

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